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I became interested in energy work after becoming truly transformed by its healing. I am now being guided to offer this healing to you. My other passions include meditation, yoga, spirituality, parenting, nature, travel, music, kayaking, friends, and my beautiful family.

Upcoming Classes

Goddess Gathering June 13th

May 26, 2017 | No Comments

Calling all Goddesses of the Light! Join us on Tuesday, June 13th at 6:00 pm for an evening of White Light connection and movement with Linda O’Connor. We’ll experience the power of Edgu and tap into our Goddess energy through free dance. Cost is $20 Space is limited. Please RSVP    

No Qi Taigu Class Monday, March 20th

Feb 17, 2017 | No Comments

Our Monday, March 20th Qi Taigu class is cancelled. Join me etherically and we’ll do Qi Taigu together on the beach!

Energy Sessions with Linda O’Connor and Laura Granger in Madison on March 12th

Feb 17, 2017 | No Comments

On Sunday, March 12th, I’ll be working with my mentor, Linda O’Connor, as part of my apprenticeship with her. We’ll be seeing clients for energy sessions all day Sunday. Times are filling up quickly. Cost is $100 for an hour session. Contact Laura to book.


  • Testimonial

    I have been working with Laura for over a year and the transformation that has taken place in my life has been truly miraculous. Through her classes and private healing sessions, Laura facilitates the inner work that leads to profound and lasting healing. With the help of her guides and Spirit, she creates a safe and supportive space for release, healing, and renewal. When I began working with Laura I was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder due to my experience with trauma and abuse throughout my childhood and adult life. There is no known medical cure for complex post-traumatic stress disorder and I had been struggling with symptoms for years even after undergoing extensive western medical treatment. Laura supported me through a process that allowed me to release my past and move forward in forgiveness. I am now living my life symptom-free, something I was told would never be possible!


    - Living life symptom-free!

  • Testimonial

    Laura’s classes and sessions enact deep and profound healing on all levels. For me they have been tools, or maybe technologies, that help me navigate and clear a path back to myself. These tools helped me break through the hard shell of my overly-analytical, cramped, anxious, distracted ego, so that I could begin to truly explore my inner life. Laura teaches with patience, kindness, and love. She gives me the confidence to heal, so that I can experience the magic of existence and of being fully alive in this beautiful world.


    - Experiencing the magic of existence

  • Testimonial

    Laura’s Raindrop Therapy has brought a welcome relief to my sore muscles and stiff joints. In addition, the detoxification effect of the essential oils has also proven beneficial for my immune-disordered system. Laura’s gentle touch and calm demeanor makes the therapy session all the more enjoyable.


    - Raindrop Therapy relief

  • Testimonial

    I adore working with Laura as she has a gifted way of facilitating the movement of stuck energy in my body, so that by the end of the session I feel light, free and grounded all at the same time!


    - Feeling light, free and grounded!

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