Saving Mother Earth One Jar at a Time

It’s funny how mindfulness creeps into your life.

It starts small, just you, seated quietly, eyes closed, discovering what it is about this thing called meditation.

Then it creeps into your family. Your interactions with them. Your energy level. Your patience. Your joy. Your capacity to connect.

And suddenly that mindfulness ripples out to others. Together you’re thanking the water, truly thanking Mother Earth, and sharing and discovering her beauty everywhere.

At least that’s how it’s happened for us.

In 2015, our family of five has committed to doing our part in honoring our Mother Earth. We’re eliminating packaging whenever possible. We’re shopping the bulk aisle. Storing our food in glass jars. Thanking the plants. Thanking the farmers. Thanking the water.

It’s been a beautiful practice so far.

And the energy in our home has changed. Without all that cardboard and plastic in our pantry, there is more energy flowing in our home: more light, more love, more joy.

There is more space for what really matters in this life.

And Mother Earth is so thankful.